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Join Our Team

The Dynamic Room is currently accepting competitive inquiries. We are looking to expand our existing talented teams and create some more magic in SZN8. Our directors are excited to meet your dancer and assess them for our upcoming dance year! Please fill out our form to book your child's audition.

Sudbury's FRESHEST Dance Studio

Elite Training For The Driven, Ambitious Dancer

Competitive dancers at The Dynamic Room learn more than just dance; they learn how to work with others, what it means to be a great teammate, and will make life-long friends in their fellow dancers and coaches. They learn the true value and fulfilment that comes from hard work, discipline, respect, and collaboration. They are challenged creatively and physically - building strong, healthy bodies and minds that are ready to conquer the world. Our competitive students learn valuable life skills such as responsibility, time-management, and self-motivation. Dance competitions themselves are events that create a sense of community for the youth - introducing them to like-minded individuals from across Canada and helping them to create amazing memories that will last them a lifetime. Above all else, competitive dance at The Dynamic Room will help your child become a kind, ambitious, goal-oriented, human with a positive mindset and a lifetime appreciation for athleticism and creativity. What more could you want?

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