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Meet the directors

Cassidy MacDonald (left) and Kelsey Labuckas (right) are two of Northern Ontario's top dance instructors and choreographers. They're also known as the proud co-directors of Sudbury's FRESHEST Dance studio, The Dynamic Room.

Having grown up side by side as young dancers, the pair have a shared love for the art form and a united passion that truly brings something unique to Sudbury. They've created an environment where dancers can both learn and express as growing athletes and artists. After only two short years in business, the community voted TDR Sudbury's Best Dance School 2018 and Sudbury's Favourite Sports Organization 2019 (Sudbury Star Reader's Choice Awards). 

As a partnership, Kelsey and Cassidy have been recognized across Canada for providing training and mentorship like none other; their dancers are praised for their passion, versatility, technique and style. On top of that, they're consistently recognized for their innovative and creative choreography, having brought home 19 choreography awards and 263 overalls in only 2 seasons. Between the two of them, they are A.D.A.P.T, Acrobatic Arts, P.F.I.C, Aerial Arts, and Alixa Flexibility certified. They are also members of the Professional Adjudicator's Alliance (P.A.A) and use their expertise to provide feedback for thousands of young dancers across Ontario & other Canadian provinces each spring. 

They are truly loved and idolized by their students. Together, they've lead The Dynamic Room to be Northern Ontario's most successful dance studio. 

Meet The faculty


Sarah Baker

R.A.D Diploma. P.B.T Certificate. Ballet Director

Megan Headshot.jpg

Megan Pinkerton




Huntar-Shana Rodic


Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 7.51.13 PM.png

Taylor McCue



Kiiana Valentim

Tumbling Coach

Judy Riccio

Office Admin

Tammy Jetty

Office Admin

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