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Interested in registering your child but don't know where to start? It's important to look over our list of classes in order to ensure you are enrolling them in the program that is best for them. For any inquiries on registration or a personal assessment, click here


A fun, interactive class for pre-schoolers that introduces the fundamentals of jazz and ballet.


A fun, interactive class for pre-schoolers that introduces the fundamentals of jazz and hip hop.


An essential genre focused on classical ballet technique. This class is the foundation of many other dance styles. TDR offers R.A.D Ballet and exams. Many of our teachers are also Progressing Ballet Technique Certified. We offer ballet recreationally (Ballet Beauties) and competitively (Primary through Pre-Professional)


A core genre in which dancers will practice a variety of different jazz origins and techniques. Jazz enhances coordination, memory, confidence and is essential to the dancer. TDR teaches A.D.A.P.T and B.A.T.D Jazz. We offer Jazz recreationally (Itty Bitty Jazz, All That Jazz, Rec Jazz) and competitively.


Musical form of dance in which rhythms are created. This discipline best enhances musicality and footwork, which are both key assets that are beneficial in every other genre. TDR Teaches A.D.A.P.T and B.A.T.D Tap. We offer Tap recreationally (Happy Feet) and competitively.


An energetic style that allows dancers to express themselves through free and loose movement inspired by urban genres of dance. We offer hip hop classes recreationally (Pop Star Hip Hop, TikTok Hip Hop, Rec Hip Hop) and competitively.


Perfect for the aspiring Cirque du Soleil performer. Our unique program covers the equal training of contortion, floor skills, prop work, and dancing of course. TDR teaches the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. We offer acrobatic classes recreationally (TumbleBugz, Tiny Tumblers, Acro Animals) and competitively.


A class where students explore new dynamics in order to attain an advanced level of creativity in dance. Contemporary is currently one of the most popular and well-known dance styles in society. We offer competitive level contemporary classes to junior level and above.


Emotional immersion of jazz and ballet elements. Lyrical dance enriches a dancer's confidence as it allows them to tell a story through their movement. We offer lyrical classes to competitive dancers from mini level and above.


This gymnastics-inspired class will serve as an asset to anyone who wishes to learn acrobatics. They will learn basic tumbling and floor skills in a safe environment with a certified tumbling coach. Tumbling is strictly a recreational class, there is no recital routine. Open to recreational and competitive dancers.


Limited availability class. Students will learn Aerial Hoop acrobatics and hammock silk acrobatics. TDR is certified through Acrobatic Arts' Aerial Arts program and is also PFIC certified. We offer Aerial Arts in sessions only, with a small in-class performance on the final day of class.

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